• Stops drivers from using a phone while behind the wheel
  • Does not affect any passenger’s phones
  • Removes distraction and leaves the driver free to focus on the road
  • Reduces accidents, and close calls while saving billions on insurance premiums
  • Saves lives: Your’s, your family’s your friend’s and even your beloved pet’s.


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Campaign timeline on Kickstarter

The idea
Nov 2016
Project launched
Jan 2017
Start of kickstarter project
Nov 2017
Kickstarter project ends. Set up dedicated lab
Dec 2017
New prototype cempleted and tested
Estimated May 2018
Start production
Estimated Jul 2018
First shipment to loyal backers
Estimated Sep 2018
Formal product launch
Estimated Dec 2018
Product available to public
Estimated Dec 2018

Our team

SAJ O’beid

Saj is an active mother to four even more active kids! Her days usually involve driving back and forth to school, sports practice and other extracurricular activities. But, something has put a damper on her family’s busy life.

That something is the multiple car accidents that she and her kids have been involved in – all because the other drivers were on their phone while driving. As any parent can relate to, Saj refused to sit back and let this deadly habit threaten the safety of her, or for that matter, anyone’s children. Together with her husband Ray, they have worked to create KASSKIT to make the roads safer for everyone!

RAY Kassar

Ray is the devoted father to his four kids, as well as the founding partner at Waseet Consultancy Group. During the week, you’ll find him hard at work helping entrepreneurs successfully launching ideas. Until then, his main domains were security and real estate markets.

On the weekends, you’ll find him at home, or on an adventure with his family enjoying some quality time!

Back in November of 2016, his wife Saj came to him with the idea to put an end to the distractions of phones on the road. Sparked by her own experiences of being involved in car accidents caused by distracted drivers – Ray jumped wholeheartedly into the project.