Back in November 2016, we had the idea to override the driver’s phone first struck – we decided to look for similar solutions already available.

We found a few similar concepts, but nothing that had the same level of control as we knew was necessary.

After discussing the project with colleagues, friends, and family – we knew that this was something we had to make from scratch.

That’s when we got to work, searching for software engineers on all corners of the globe. Through our initial research and development stage, we were lucky to attract talented freelancers from around the globe to work together, and create our very first working prototype!



But, as expected, we knew that we needed a single entity to work on this project. We went on the search again, and our search paid off, and we were lucky to find our software partner in Japan. Over the past months, we have worked hard together to re-draft the concepts, undergo user testing, and trial the device.

Now, it’s time to make it even better. Instead of combining multiple technologies, we plan to open a flagship KASSKIT lab, bring in an in-house team – and merge these solutions into one platform – essentially, we’re streamlining ready for launch.

Patenting our innovative idea was only the beginning! Getting to the stage we’re at now, was the real work. Taking KASSKIT from a mere dream to a bonafide safety product that ticks all of the boxes. And we couldn’t be prouder.

But, this is more than a business; this is our mission, to stop accidents caused by something so trivial as a driver checking messages while driving – that’s not worth anyone’s life.

We have invested $100,000 AUD into getting where we’re at now, but we need your help to get together the remaining $160,000 AUD necessary to get KASSKIT out there and start saving lives.