Until everyone has a self-driving vehicle, a driver’s behaviour is crucial to road safety.Car accidents and near misses used to be limited to reckless driving or innocent mistakes. Nowadays, one of the primary causes is smartphone usage.

KASSKIT is the innovation that will combat these entirely avoidable crashes, and reduce near misses to the minimum human error.

What is KASSKIT?

KASSKIT is the first-of-its-kind technology that protects drivers, passengers, and pedestrians – by leveraging the power of your smartphone.

This technological solution of sensory data, connectivity technology, and artificial intelligence bundled into one single kit, provides the ultimate solution for drivers who can’t fight the urge to use their phone behind the wheel.

Whether checking an email, sending a text, posting a comment or even tweeting away, many drivers are essentially traveling tens of meters blindfolded.

As a parent or employer, this solution will restrict any driver of your private vehicle or fleet of vehicles from using a smartphone while driving. Regardless of the phone brand, model, or operating system, KASSKIT will stop any smartphone from distracting the driver, period.

This kit will reduce, if not eliminate, vehicle accidents due to phone-based behaviour such as texting, browsing, or tweeting.



The KASSKIT Package

The KASSKIT hardware consists of a small device embedded within a substitute sun visor, designed to match your current one perfectly!

The KASSKIT software is compatible with every smartphone.

The KASSKIT phone dock is a modified docking station which charges your phone while allowing for the use of the phone, including Navigation.


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How it Works

When the vehicle is turned on, the KASSKIT hardware transmits a signal within the driver’s space only. When a smartphone with KASSKIT software enters that area – the smartphone’s screen is automatically locked.

KASSKIT does this by forcing the smartphone into a lock-screen mode, thus blocking the driver’s access to the phone while the vehicle is turned on. All passenger phones will be unaffected, as the signal is designed to only work within the driver’s space.

While the phone screen is locked, the driver will be able to hear notifications alerts but will not be able to read or reply when behind the wheel.

The KASSKIT software allows for incoming/outgoing calls through the vehicle’s built-in commsystem, and for vehicles without an integrated system – our KASSKIT dock is equipped with Bluetooth compatibility, charging functionality, and of course speakers and microphone.

When the smartphone is placed into the KASSKIT dock, the software is disabled the driver has full access to navigation and Bluetooth.The KASSKIT software will allow incoming/outgoing calls, only through the vehicle’s built-in communication system. For vehicles without built-in comm system, our KASSKIT dock is equipped with compatible Bluetooth, speakers and microphone.

Only when the phone is placed in the KASSKIT dock, the software will be disabled and the driver will have full access to their phone. This exception is ideal for those who use their phones for Navigation, or to setup Bluetooth.

How is it any different?

Most products on the market are purely motivational, relying on the driver to “do the right thing” and while some of us do – the temptation can sometimes be too high. Because of this, we at KASSKIT wanted to create a solution that takes away the option of using a phone while controlling a vehicle.

Unlike a jamming system, KASSKIT allows messages and emails to be received by your phone at all times. The KASSKIT removes the option to view or respond to these messages when driving, but still provides access to navigation and call functionality when the phone is with the KASSKIT dock.

Unlike GPS based software, KASSKIT only affects phones in the driver’s area. With no diminished usage for any of the passengers in the car.

Unlike Speed based software, KASSKIT starts working as soon as the vehicle is turned on, regardless of the speed you’re traveling. This is due to the dangers and prevalence of accidents that are seen in standstill traffic, at traffic lights, etc.

KASSKIT does not invade your privacy, and we do not collect any data whatsoever from your phone.
KASSKIT is designed to be tamper-proof. The chip embedded in the Sun-Visor is hardwired, and can’t be disconnected. The software can’t be disabled without a passcode, and hopefully one day it will be part of your phone’s software.